When God Took Away His Goodness in My Grief


Tim Challies lost his 20yo son in 2020. As for all of us who have lost children the road of grief is hard and longer than we expected, and we always have an eye out for drinks of divine refreshment that helps us to make sense of loss and God’s providence in our tragedies. Tim wrote this wonderful article sharing some insight to refresh our souls.

Author Tim Challies, July 24, 2022

Ofttimes the primary reason why godly men are called to suffer is for the sake of witness they may give to the sincerity of their love for Christ and the reality of divine grace in them.

There is a deep mystery to suffering. While the Bible makes it plain that we must expect to encounter times of sorrow and loss, of trial and grief, we often don’t know why these times come. Though we know he is weaving together a marvelous tapestry that will wondrously display his glory, we also know it is one whose beauty we will fully appreciate only when faith becomes sight.

It was in the waning weeks of 2020 that my family faced our darkest hour, for it was then that the heart of my 20-year-old son Nick suddenly and unexpectedly stopped, and he went to be with the Lord. One moment he was a seminarian leading some fellow students in a game, and the next he was in heaven. His departure shocked us, devastated us, and left us wondering why. Why would God choose this for us, and why would God choose us for this?

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