SF 15: Suffering and the Sovereignty of God with Scott Christensen


How are we to understand the sovereignty of God in the midst of suffering and evil? Pastor and author Scott Christensen is our guest to help us scripturally construct a theology to answer this perplexing question. 

After the death of my son, one of the looming questions on my mind that I had to answer was, “Where was God in my son’s death?” Is God sovereign? Why would he allow such a horror to befall my son and to explode our lives with this tragedy. My wife and I have always had a high view of God’s sovereignty, but I needed to dig deeper into this question for my own sanity, my comfort and healing. 

One of the first, in a handful of books I purchased and read in my grief, was a book called “What About Evil?” written by today’s guest, Scott Christensen. The book is heavily endorsed by men such as John Frame, Michael Horton, Thomas Schreiner, John MacArthur and Joel Beeke. Though the book appears intimidating at being over 500 pages, it was easier to read than I expected. Scott has a gift in being able to articulate difficult concepts into layman’s terms, and he brings a wide range of issues and places them in the overarching story of redemptive history which helps us to see this broken world in a new light that will lead us to God’s ultimate goal, which is his glory. His book is not aimed at providing comfort for the suffering, yet I found it to be a helpful contribution to my healing in my grief. 

I invited Scott onto the podcast to help us think about the relationship between suffering, evil and God’s sovereignty.

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