SF 07: Grieving Well Together with Brad & Jill Sullivan of While We’re Waiting


Grief, grieving together as a couple, the future of While We’re Waiting, and more, in our third and final episode with Brad and Jill Sullivan.

Why is the grief of child loss so much more devastating than other kinds of loss? I’ve lost a father, I’ve lost a son, and they are two very different kinds of grief. And grief is hard enough on it’s own, but when you grieve a child you and your spouse grieve the same loss together. And your form of grieving may be very different from how your spouse grieves, and that can cause other problems.  How can bereaved couples who grieve differently, grieve well together? These questions form a rich discussion with Brad and Jill Sullivan, the founders of the While We’re Waiting ministry. And we conclude with what’s in store for the future of the While We’re Waiting ministry.

While We’re Waiting is a ministry that holds biblically based retreats for parents who have experienced child loss, designed to minister to the unique needs of bereaved parents. The retreats take place in 9 different locations across the US, and meals and lodging are provided at no cost to the parents. 

I am so grateful for this ministry, and thankful that Brad and Jill locked arms with Larry and Janice Brown, to made the sacrifices they did to build and sustain this incredibly needed ministry.

This is the third and last episode of my interview with Brad and Jill.


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