SF 06: The History of While We’re Waiting with Brad & Jill Sullivan


The While We’re Waiting ministry was formed to provide biblically based support parents who have lost children. How did this ministry come into being? That’s what we’ll discuss in this second part of three, in my interview with founders Brad and Jill Sullivan.

In our last episode, Brad and Jill shared with us the story of their daughter Hannah who lost her life to cancer. Out of their experience with child loss, they, along with another couple who lost their son, Larry and Janice Brown, formed the While We’re Waiting ministry. They held their first retreat at a youth camp facility in Arkansas in 2010, but since then, they’ve grown to much better accommodations in 9 states, and they’ve built a new facility in Hot Springs Arkansas.

If you missed our first episode and don’t know what this ministry is,  While We’re Waiting organizes weekend retreats for bereaved parents. All meals and accommodations are provided for free, supported by donors. These retreats of ten parents are designed to provide fellowship and support as parents share their struggles and celebrate the lives of their children. Each retreat is facilitated by a couple who have lost children themselves. They are all biblically sound, are walking through their own grief well, and are able to lead others through their grief. It’s a wonderful ministry that my wife and I participated in last year. 

In this episode, Brad and Jill share with us the history of the While We’re Waiting ministry. We also touch on grief and spiritual warfare.


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