SF 05: Hannah’s Story with Brad & Jill Sullivan of While We’re Waiting


My guests in this Sparrow Falls podcast episode are the founders of a very precious organization called While We’re Waiting. Brad and Jill Sullivan lost their 16yo daughter Hannah to cancer, and out of their grief, with another grieving couple, they formed this ministry for bereaved parents in 2010. 

I know what it is to lose a father. I know what it is to have a doctor tell you during a prenatal ultrasound that your baby’s heart has stopped beating. Those are very earth shattering losses. But nothing compares to the loss I experienced when I lost my 18yo son. 

While We’re Waiting is biblically-based, and it organizes retreats to bring together ten grieving parents for a weekend to mourn the loss of their child and find help and encouragement from each other. All meals are provided, and the retreats are held in comfortable facilities across the US. And there is no cost to attend. It’s all free. All you have to do is sign up and show up. My wife and I attended one last year in Tennessee, and it was much needed time with others. And we came away with new friends from that retreat, some who we continue to stay in contact with. That’s the ministry of While We’re Waiting. 

If you’d like more information about While We’re Waiting you can find them on the web at While We’re Waiting .org.

This is the first of a 3 part podcast with Brad and Jill. In this episode Brad and Jill share with us the story of their daughter Hannah, and how they grieved after she left this earth and entered the presence of her Lord.


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