Finding Joy & Security in the Midst of Trials | A Sermon on Psalm 16


Many of the psalms are birthed out of situations of suffering, pain, and disappointment. As life doesn’t unfold for us as we thought it would, our confusion over life’s realities shake our trust in the things we put our hope in. Our carefully laid out plans, the circle of people we depend upon, the burdens we bear for others, the years we devote to study and training, the sacrifices we make for our family, the expectations we have of God, all these things we placed our trust in can let us down. And sometimes, they betray us with devastation.

In such moments, we wonder if we can even trust God. We have spent our lives in pursuit of God, devoted to the means of grace that he has provided; we sacrifice for His work, the work of His church; we turn from evil and every wicked way; we hold high standards of ethics and morality; and we repent of sin, and lean on the means God gives us to atone for our sins in Christ, our sacrifice and our high priest.

We expect God to give us lives of bright, cheery, saturated colors. But those gray and muddy tones creep into our perfect picture of life and bleed into our pretty colors. And those darker tones we never thought we’d see on our canvas appear, sometimes with violence.

Can we still trust God when the canvas of our lives has been spoiled by dark, gloomy pigments?

When we learn that life feeds our insecurities, can we find security in God? When life robs us of our joy, can we find joy in God?

This sermon was preached at Grace Church Verdun in Quebec on April 24, 2022.